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Welcome to Leafy Greens

Found on a blissful organic farm outside of Muldersdrift, Leafy Greens is a Johannesburg vegetarian restaurant with a difference. Open from Wednesdays to Sundays, 9am-5pm. Mondays & Tuesdays, Shop by appointment only. Free wi-fi available at our restaurant.


Our Café

A neighbour of the renowned Casalinga Restaurant, Leafy Greens Cafe is not only changing the way people look at food, it is also providing the community with a healthy plant-based culinary experience.

Situated on an organic farm, our farm-to-table offerings provide an opportunity to eat mouth-watering meals fully conscious of where your food is coming from. Enjoy wholesome food for the body and soul, and relax in the comforting atmosphere of our rustic cafe.

Our menu offers a wide selection of handcrafted breakfast and lunch options, or you could go for our spectacular buffet available at 11am. To take the experience home, pop into our shop and choose from a variety of vegan health, beauty and food products. As not only a vegan restaurant in Johannesburg but also as a vegetarian restaurant in Johannesburg, Leafy Greens is one of the few organic restaurants that is situated on the same farm that produces the delicious produce used to make the mouth wateringly unique meals.

A Lifelong Passion for keeping people healthy

At Leafy Greens we support sustainable, organic agriculture and responsible business practices. This reflects our deep respect and love for the planet and for those around us. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, and guarantee that our products are free from refined sugars, 100% dairy-free, free from any added preservatives and are mostly gluten-free.

It has been established by science that a mostly plant-based diet is one of the best steps you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint, and at Leafy Greens saving your health and saving the planet go hand in hand. So join us.

By eating from the Earth, and following a mostly plant-based diet, we are feeding at the bottom of the food chain. This allows us to eliminate a lot of dieases, worms, bacteria and viruses that usually affect upper feeders. We harness more of the Sun’s energy and gain access to the mineral gifts from the soil that our bodies so desperately need.

Our mission is to bring people back to life, back to eating living foods. To eat simply again. To rediscover the joys of the basics. To savour the beauty of each fruit and vegetable, and to bring their flavours to their fullness and enjoy them for health and longevity.

Dried fruits, nuts and more vegetables than you can imagine are used to whip up the most delectable dishes full of flavour and zest, leaving your belly warm and your mind revived. Tasty alternatives can be found for all of your favourite dishes, including pizza, adding the nutrients you need along with creating a taste explosion for your senses. Vegetarian dishes can be created for every meal of the day, with desserts and drinks being 100% organic and vegan-friendly as well.

Eating with the Season

One of the many things that make Leafy Greens unique is our ability to serve fresh foods that are in season.

Eating food that is in season ensures the freshness of the produce, delivering maximum nutrition and minimum chemical preservatives. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables will fill you with energy directly from the soil and sun. Local in season produce also helps to sustain the economy and foster local development. What’s more, your food travels far fewer miles to get to your plate.

Friendly staff with an extensive knowledge of the fruits and vegetables that are grown here, can tell you exactly what will be going into your meal, means that this is not your run-of-the-mill restaurant. Instead, you enjoy an experience such as you have never enjoyed before in the company of staff who feel like old friends welcoming you into their home.

Sharing the knowledge &

Escaping the City

Workshops and courses are the way in which we share what we have learnt over the years. Good eating and healthy living are not just reserved for the restaurant but to be enjoyed at home as well. Day long courses are often hosted at our vegetarian restaurant in Johannesburg (Muldersdrift) and we invite all who want to learn vegan cooking, to enjoy a day of healthy eating and healthy living. Regardless of your cooking expertise level you will be able to create fabulous vegan meals with these recipes. Organic dining is not just for organic restaurants in Johannesburg.

There is nothing quite like escaping the crazy city, even if it is just for a few hours, and taking the drive out to the farm on which Leafy Greens is located. The drive itself is going to relax your senses and the moment you turn onto the road that will take you to Leafy Greens you will feel as though the city is a world away. Open from Wednesdays to Sundays, Leafy Greens offers you the perfect escape on the weekend.

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What Clients Say?

“What can I say?”

What can I say. We just had a really really great lunch at Leafy Greens. Starting from the atmosphere which is so calming and nice to the great food and the variety of dishes to choose from. Everything from the buffet tasted so rich and healthy and gooood. We will definitely be back soon!

Sonja Watermann Muldersdrift

My First Visit - 25 October 2015

I visited your place for the first time yesterday. As a vegetarian for 17 years and vegan for the past 9 years, your place was the first ever where I felt welcome and at ease. I almost sprained my tongue trying to taste everything that came out of your kitchen. I blanch and season within my budget at home, and although my meals are yummy, you guys have opened up a culinary vegan heaven on this earth for me. Thank you for existing. And thank you for caring about our precious planet and its animals.

Carina Laubscher Translator - MediaPark - News

Beautiful Food, People, Setting

Consistent good vegan meals Beautiful serene and relaxing atmosphere The best place in the country Even the "meat eaters" love the food You just have to have this experience once in your life!

Phatmonk Randburg

“Juice Cleanse”

Hello Antonia, Just a short message to say thanks so much for the awesome juice cleanse. I feel refreshed and reenergized and have shed a couple of kilo’s. The juices were very tasty and am looking forward to doing the cleanse again soon.

Lisa Cedar Lakes
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