Couples Fun for Valentine's Day

valentines day fun for couples
10 February 2019


Join happily married husband and wife duo Riaan & Odette, also known as Mindful Flames for a fun filled, romantic morning to connect with your partner.

Join Mindful Flames for a fun filled, romantic morning to connect with your partner through meditation, beginners Acro Yoga and a talk about the link between intimacy and manifestation.

This beautiful morning will end off with a romantic picnic with champagne and locally produced vegan lunch buffet, to celebrate love and life in the natural luscious gardens of Leafy Greens.

09:00 - Welcoming & meditation
09:30 - Beginners couples Acro Yoga
10:30 - Couples connection meditation
11:00 - Break and refreshments (cold pressed juice)
11:30 - Guest speaker - Layla Walters: The link between intimacy & manifestation
12:00 - Romantic champagne picnic and vegan lunch buffet with dessert

Beginners Acro Yoga Beginner Arco yoga blends the beauty of remedial breathing, the loving kindness of touch, balance, gentle movements and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. This form of movement includes partner yoga, assisted inversions, partner acrobatics, focused breathing, core strengthening and conditioning and spotting. Partner yoga fosters trust and inspires you to stay present because you're constantly having to stabilize each other's weight. It’s a journey of trust, flow and the willingness to try new things. Katiana Brancato is a certified personal trainer with IIFT, internationally accredited remedial sports massage practitioner, Manual lymphatic drainage massage therapist and advanced reflexologist. Charles Weyer is a Personal Development and wellness coach, former professional extreme athlete who combines his high performance mindset with years of nutritional and martial arts experience. Delivering this powerful combination in fun, vibrant and effective coaching sessions that can be enjoyed by all. “Feel the flow and let it grow”

Connection Meditation In a World where we so easily get lost and distracted with our busy daily routines, let’s take a step back and turn to each other, to breath, to be still and to open our hearts together, to refuel the connection as partners and enjoy each other’s presence and infinite bliss. Healing facilitator and mindfulness teacher Odette du Preez is passionate about energy healing, mindfulness meditation and expanding consciousness. Odette is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner as well as a certified mindfulness teacher.

The link between Intimacy & Manifestation Join Layla and learn why intimacy and orgasms are highly recommended when it comes to manifestation and raising one’s vibrational energy. Layla is a Transformation Coach and Spiritual Empowerer, hosts her own Radio Show called The Lighter Side. She is also happily married with 3 beautiful children.

"The best way to nurture your relationship while nourishing your body"