YOGA in the garden
10 November 2018


Everybody loves the sunshine, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than by unrolling your yoga mat on our summer lawns and joining us for more than an hour of breathing and movement. A relaxing, energising session in blissful surroundings.

Bring a friend along with you so that you can share what promises to be a joyful morning. Whether you have a lot of yoga experience, or you’re a complete novice, you’ll love the mixture of stretching and breathing exercises devised by the team from Yoga Works. You’ll find yourself being challenged (just a little) but most of all you’ll have fun.

This 75-minute session has been designed to bridge the gap between energising and relaxing, and as you complete it, you’ll feel more positive, energetic and rested. Isn’t it time that you stretched your weekend plans a little, and tried something new? After all, you can do yoga at the gym (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) or you can learn new techniques with the grass between your toes. We know which we’d choose!

Enjoy the feel of the sun and the breeze as you harmonise your breathing with the rhythms of Nature, and get in tune with your inner energy flows. After the yoga session, enjoy a picnic of healthy, organic and plant-based foods from Leafy Greens Café– exactly the sort of food that tastes even better when enjoyed in Nature.

"Yoga is not about self-improvement; it’s about self-acceptance"

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – Please click here to secure and pay for your place. Includes a plant-based picnic from Leafy Greens Café after the class.