barbara leiman driking healthy juice
26-29 July 2018


Barbara Leiman is an old friend of Leafy Greens Café and we’re always delighted when she travels up from the coast to visit us. Barbara is living proof of the healing properties of vegetables, and by attending this workshop you can benefit from her plant-based wisdom.

There’s more to vegetables than meets the eye – in fact the cure for many of our modern ills could have been growing under our feet all this time.

For nutritional expert Barbara Leiman, the answer is obvious: to feel more alive, and live better, we need to eat more live foods. Ideally, we should eat nothing else but as a minimum, we should try and eat more vegetables.

Barbara’s expertise in the nutritional value and properties of different vegetables means that she can recommend using vegetables in specific ways to target and reverse many of the ill effects that stressful modern life can have on our bodies (and souls).

Barbara’s approach doesn’t involve diets, pills or supplements – just green and colourful organic produce. This is all she needs to heal the problems that are eating many of us up from within, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), inflamed colon, and persistent weight gain.

Barbara can help you unlock and loosen up, relax and lose weight. You’ll learn how to correct and balance out the corrosive effects of stress, and learn to love the new, more relaxed you.

"The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine"

Includes a green juice and warming soup from the Leafy Greens Café. Please email to book your place now.