goosevilla plett retreat
13 - 20 March 2019


6 Days of deep fasting and cellular regeneration with daily kundalini yoga and movement therapy, breathwork, presence and a lot of silence so that we may drop into the heart and stay there.

Join us at this exquisite and very unique location in beautiful Plettenberg Bay, South Africa -about a 5 hour drive from Cape Town (flights available) 7 days of blissfully LIVINGmucusFREE in beautiful surrounds where your body and soul will unfurl to its natural state of equanimous bliss.

Experience yourself anew and anchor a new knowing into your body and experience Authentic Embodied Vitality. Detoxing the body on a cellular level does not happen through the addition of foods or supplements but rather through the elimination of obstruction on a cellular level. During this week we will explore all the ways with which to remove internal obstruction from the physical body and emotional body through:
- Dry Fasting
- Fruit fasting
- Cleansing practices for the skin
- Enemas
- Yoga that focuses on the lymphatic system
- Breathwork
- Meditation and Silence
- Emotional release techniques

The beauty of the property is soothing and inspiring and lends itself perfectly for a deeply nurturing and contemplative week where you’ll be able to focus on yourself and your body whilst being fully supportive in a group setting

This particular retreat is designed to give you an experience of deep fasting whilst being recharging on a soul level ...deeply heart opening and softening...

Dry fasting as we know, is the top of the mountain in terms of healing and regenerating the body and fruit being the scrubbers of the lymphatic system -that is the power of this kind of fasting.

Fat/waste melts away and toxins are drawn out of the body and bound whilst the pure presence we bring to this practice allows any emotional obstruction to just fall away. What emerges naturally, is YOUR LIGHTBODY whilst the focus of this retreat will be to just allow ourselves to BE and to witness the experience of BEing, we do have a loose schedule which may change according to the group dynamic.

Our daily schedule will be as follows:
- 5.30am sunrise kundalini yoga for the lymph system and meditative dancing
- 7.30am rest time
- 10.00am morning sharing and learning about fasting and its effects on our body and consciousness*daily dry fasting until 11am-12pm
- break fast with fruit and/or juice -fruit will be available at all times and as much as you desire *fruit only meals until the last evening where we will introduce some greens for those that wish to move to greens
- 1.00pm-4.00 pm rest time
- 4.00pm daily walks on the pristine 9km beach
- 6.00pm evening sharing and meditation

Extra activities include: one optional 24 to 36 hour dry fast outing to Natures Valley, a spectacular and breathtaking nature reserve and beach about 45 min drive from our villa. Natures Valley will take you breath away and activate something deep within you - it is pure, raw, nature... gentle and magnificent

"Experience the sweetness of deep inner silence"

What is included?
- airport transfer
- 7 nights luxury accommodation
- all meals and juices
- your own enema kit
- herbal tinctures, binders and probiotics for the duration of the fast
- all activities and facilitation
- welcome goodie bag with South African specialties

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