Sicilian Vegetarian Cooking Class

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
12 November 2017

Walking on Sunshine: Sicilian Vegetarian Cooking Class

When someone mentions the island of Sicily, you probably immediately think of lemons, capers, olives, pine nuts and all the other wonderful ingredients and flavours that make up Sicilian cuisine. Let Antonia demonstrate how to create the healthy taste of Sicily in your own kitchen.

With is strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily has long been coveted by Empires. As a result, its national cuisine is a glorious mishmash of influences from the Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs, to name but a few. Nowadays, Sicily is on the map for health reasons: its people are some of the longest-lived on Earth, with 100 not really being considered all that old!

Their secret: keeping active, lots of sunshine, and the amazing ingredients in their food. Olive oil is hugely important in Sicilian kitchens: the very purest extra-virgin oils are even drunk from shot glasses on special family occasions.

The shepherds and smugglers who populate tales of old Sicily also had a strict code of honour, with any insult being avenged. In this workshop, we’re declaring a vendetta on bland, unhealthy food and introducing you instead to classic Sicilian vegetarian dishes such as:

  • Arancini di risu - saffron rice balls stuffed with pecorino and mushrooms
  • Panelle - fried chickpea polenta
  • Mataroccu - Sicilian pesto with tomato served on bruschetta
  • Caponata - grilled aubergine, capers and pine nuts
  • Orzo pasta with basil and parmesan
  • Fennel salad with oranges and black olives
  • Canolli - tubes stuffed with ricotta and candied fruits
"All of Sicily is a dimension of the imagination" – Leonardo Sciascia "

Please remember to bring an apron and a pen. Booking essential to avoid disappointment. R550.00 per person, payable to Ancient Secrets, Nedbank Killarney, 191605, Current account 1916044743.