Launch brunch in the garden

Leafy greens cafe
13 October 2018


When health blogger Jordyn discovered Leafy Greens, there was collaboration in the spring air, and the result is an exciting new range of co-branded products. Join us as we celebrate their launch.

Enjoy a glass of champagne with health blogger Jordyn as she toasts the launch of her new range of healthy eating products, co-branded with Antonia’s. Experience these wonderful new products for yourself, and let us know what you think of them – your feedback is how we make everything we do even better.

When Jordyn first encountered the Antonia’s brand, she knew she had found a kindred spirit in Antonia, and these new products are the first fruits of their working together. Like Antonia, Jordyn has walked her own journey to health and wisdom, making mistakes and taking the occasional wrong turn along the way.

Antonia welcomed Jordyn into the Leafy Greens kitchen, and something magical resulted: products that will help you on your own path to health. Products that you can use to improve how you feel inside and out, that will help you with your energy levels and your positive outlook on life.

Jordyn and Antonia instantly found that their food philosophies were perfectly aligned: plant-based, raw, organic ingredients, grown sensitively and with respect for the planet. Then harvested responsibly and prepared lovingly as your guarantee of their quality, safety and nutritional integrity. This meeting of minds is certainly something to celebrate! This meeting of minds is certainly something to celebrate!

"Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower - John Harrigan "

Please RSVP as only limited tickets are available.