Reboundology Talk

Keith McFarlane on Trampoline
14 April 2018


Let rebounding expert Keith McFarlane introduce you to the art and science of reboundology – a deceptively simple exercise technique that will improve your health by oxygenating and rejuvenating every cell in your body, as well as boosting your lymphatic and immune systems.

Are you ready to try this “miracle exercise”, otherwise known as the best form of exercise you’ve never heard of? Join SA’s top rebounding expert for an insight into the enjoyable and very effective world of rebounding. A rebounder is a small, low-level trampoline specially designed for adult exercises. In combination with the instruction manual and free DVD, it’s all you need to improve your overall health in probably the most enjoyable way possible.

Rebounding is a wonderful way to exercise your individual cells (also known as “cellercising”) and to lift and maintain your energy levels. It’s a great mood lifter too – just a few minutes of rebounding and you’ll feel so positive that nothing can dampen your mood.

By boosting your immune system, rebounding helps to ensure that you’re less likely to get colds or flu (good to know with winter on the way). Just a few minutes of rebounding are equal to a much longer time spent running or walking, so rebounding is a great option if you’re always short of time.

Rebounding’s benefits even extend to speed healing and manifesting – so you can achieve not just the body you want, but the life you dream of.

"I believe it’s 80% heart, 20% skill when it comes to rebounding" – LeBron James

Ticket price includes a freshly squeezed green juice on arrival and a delicious, nutritious Leafy Greens brunch after the talk. Please email to book your place.