Hormone reset diet


If you feel that you’re suffering from the “four Fs” – fat, frazzled, frumpy and fatigued – don’t despair! Join Louise Pitot for a Hormone Reset Workshop based on Sara Gottfried’s revolutionary insights into hormonal health.

There is undeniably a link between what we eat and our hormones. Too much of the wrong kinds of food (such as dairy or refined sugar) can play havoc with our hormones, and affect everything from our skin condition to our weight and energy levels.

If you’re unhappy with how you look or feel, attending this hormone reset workshop will give you the understanding and courage you need to make changes, and the determination to see them through.

Resetting your hormones involves identifying which food groups are causing your health issues and then eliminating them from your diet, so that your hormone levels can return to their natural, balanced state – and you can look and feel fabulous again.

By attending this workshop, you can also join Louise’s closed Facebook group for additional advice and support from Louise and your fellow resetters. The actual reset date is September 24th, so you’ll have plenty of time after the workshop to prepare to change your life for the better, forever.

"The key is getting your hormones working for you, not against you” – Sara Gottfried, MD "

Includes a healthy green juice on arrival, and a small plate Leafy Greens lunch after the workshop. Please email events@leafygreens.co.za to book your place now.