Women's Morning Menopause Retreat

woman in menopause
16 March 2019


This special morning retreat is to discuss the "Middlepause" that every woman will eventually live through. You might be in it already, approaching or anticipating it and feeling fairly clueless because this important transition is still hardly discussed with transparency. Enjoy a morning of exploration into the changes we experience emotionally and physically and learn how to transition more naturally through this time in our life.

Menopause affects every single woman but still receives little airtime. There will be time for an open dialogue on issues that affect many women during these years of change. Sharing similar experiences can empower us to navigate this chapter of life with more ease.

Louise Pitot, Eating Psychology Coach, will start off talking about hormones and what happens during the lead up to menopause. She’ll discuss some aspects of nutrition and supplementation that will help you in your journey. The conversation will shift to lifestyle and what we can do to prepare and love our bodies during this aging process. Clara Woodburn, founder of Yoga Warrior, will discuss the lifestyle and exercise changes that we need to address as our body calls for nourishment from our workouts over depletion.

Jenny de Luca has passed through menopause naturally and has some nuggets of wisdom to share with the group. Clara will then lead a vinyasa yoga practice designed specifically for transitioning powerfully and gracefully into menopause. Yoga supports the endocrine system and helps regulate our hormones naturally. Yoga also protects the density of our bones which become more brittle as we age and can alleviate many of the difficult symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and weight gain. Clara will lead a calm, restful and rejuvenating sequence of yoga poses and breathing techniques that heals the body on a hormonal level and provokes a release that embraces the second spring of our lives. No yoga experience necessary.

Your Hosts Clara Woodburn founded Yoga Warrior in Rosebank in 2004. She has been teaching yoga for 15 years and has trained many of Joburg’s most loved yoga teachers. Clara has always embraced many forms of exercise understanding that our bodies need several modalities to function most efficiently and calibrate most effectively. That remains as true as ever while we age and care for our bodies during these transitional years. Clara’s life experiences have provided context for understanding pressure on the aging process. She is a Mother of daughters and loves the circle of life that flows through communities of women.

Louise Pitot has always been passionate about the human body and mind. In her 30's she healed her body of polycystic ovaries and infertility. During her own journey she learnt the true importance of maintaining balanced and stable hormones. Louise is an Eating Psychology Coach, NLP Practitioner, Beauty Therapist and Yoga Teacher. She helps women to heal their hormones, learn to live fully in their body and restore their relationship to food. Louise teaches Ageless Beauty strategies that focus on all aspects of keeping the body and mind feeling and looking youthful.

What’s included:
The morning retreat includes a green juice on arrival, an informative conversation about menopause and a yoga class designed to balance your hormones. We'll end off with a delicious lunch at Leafy Greens Cafe.

Cost: R495

"Menopause affects every single woman but still receives little airtime."

Email us to book your spot: louise@louisepitot.com