Ultimate safari presentation

three giraffes on safari
17 August 2018


The identity of Africa’s ultimate safari destination has been debated around many campfires. In 2016, two intrepid explorers set out to find the answer – and discovered so much more.

Jake Hoddinott (Antonia’s husband) has just embarked on the adventure of fatherhood, but before Elijah Joseph Hoddinott became the original cabbage patch kid, he set off on a very different kind of journey with the equally adventurous Donovan Rule. Six months later, the daring duo returned – and now you can hear their story.

After ten countries, some incredible wildlife encounters and many moments of meaningful connection with local people, Jake and Donovan will be giving a fascinating talk about their travels. By attending this dinner talk, you can satisfy your hunger with a delicious three-course Casalinga dinner, and your thirst for (armchair) adventure.

As well as benefitting from African travel tips and insights into what to pack and how to prepare for the ultimate safari, you’ll also be contributing to the preservation of Africa’s amazing wildlife by attending this talk. All proceeds will go to Wildlife Act’s conservation projects, so that future safari-goers will still be able to see magnificent wild animals and birds where they belong – in the wild.

As for which is the ultimate safari destination, we’re not telling! You’ll have to come along to the talk and hope that Jake and Donovan reveal the secret that everyone wants to know!

"There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows" – Isak Dinesen "

Please email bookings@safari-index.com to book your table. To follow in Jake and Donovan’s footsteps and embark on your own unforgettable safari adventure, visit Safari Index for expert help and advice.