Restorative Yoga Sleepover

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
17 March 2018


If you’re looking to spend a little time in Nature – and away from your 9-5 – then this combined camping and yoga experience could be just what you need. Step out of your routine and find yourself in a magical, starlit forest.

Yoga is a wonderfully reviving activity wherever you do it, but there is something about outdoor yoga that enhances the benefits for mind and body. Which makes our first-ever restorative yoga sleepover very special indeed.

The evening will begin with a restorative Yin session as the sun dips in the sky, followed by a delicious, healthy Leafy Greens dinner. As the bonfire flames climb higher into the night, there’ll be a chance to indulge in some expressive dance – a way to reconnect not just with yourself, but perhaps even with the spirits of those who have gone before us.

You’ll experience life without its modern distractions, so that you can focus on the important things instead: breathing, stretching, moving. By the time you arrive, we’ll already have pitched the tents, inside which you’ll find everything you need for a night of re-energising sleep, including a mattress, linen and towels.

You’ll rise with the sun to join in a led meditation, followed by a farm walk and a reviving yoga session. Before you return to the “real world”, enjoy a Leafy Greens breakfast to complete the healing process.

"Life should be a continuous source of inspiration" – Paramahansa Yogananda "

Ticket price includes a Leafy Greens dinner and breakfast plus camping accommodation with all creature comforts provided. Please bring your yoga mat, comfortable clothes, a small torch and any toiletries you need. Email us on to book your spot.