Protecting your lymphatic system

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18 November 2017

Be a lymph nymph: Protect your lymphatic system

If you struggle with bloating and water retention, or frequently have swollen glands, you may have a lymphatic system issue. Similarly, stubborn cellulite and unsightly varicose veins may indicate a problem, and poor lymphatic function is also linked to leaky gut.

So, what is the lymphatic system? It’s not only part of the circulatory system, but also a crucial component of your immune system – including your ability to fight cancer.

Your lymphatic system includes your bone marrow, tonsils, adenoids, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and lymphatic vessels. These are a network of very thin tubes that lay just beneath the surface of your skin, forming an independent circulatory system that works together with your blood circulation and your immune system.

Your lymphatic system can help you fight infections, viruses, injuries and even cancer. It’s so quietly effective that it’s often only when things go wrong, that we notice it at all! When it’s working well, it protects and defends your entire body. However, it needs protecting in its turn, especially because it relies on the movements of your body to pump the fluid it carries. There’s no lymphatic equivalent of the heart – you yourself are the pump!

This informative talk by Madaleine Helm of Live Well Nutrition Centre will reveal the secret workings of the lymphatic system, as well as teach you more about how to protect it, including deep breathing, rebounding and effleurage.

"The lymphatic system is slow by nature. It relies on your movement and breathing for its own movement "

Booking essential - please RSVP to Payable to Ancient Secrets, Nedbank Killarney, 191605, Current account 1916044743.