Persian Cooking Class

Persian traditional salad
2 June 2019


Exotic and fragrant, Persian food has captured the imagination of cooks around the world for centuries.It has influenced many of the great world cuisines, including Italian, Indian, Arabic, Greek and Jewish.

Traditional ingredients include : saffron, pomegranates, barberries, lemons, walnuts, dried limes, rose petals, oranges, dill, mint, dried plums and quinces. Persian food is ideal for winter, warm and nourishing. An explosion of all the tastes : sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty

The Menu:
Mast-o Khiar : Thick yoghurt with cucumber, walnuts & rose petals
Kuku Sabzi : Fresh herb frittata with barberries & cranberries
Shivid Polo : Baked rice with fresh dill & roast potatoes
Khoresh Bademjan : Aubergine braise with pomegranates & walnuts
Salad-e Shirazi : Shiraz salad with dried limes & mint
Ash-e Alu : Winter soup with split peas and dried plums
Shir Berenj : Creamy rice pudding with roses & pistachios

"Food and memories are both best when shared."

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