Mindful Training & Gut Rehab Protocol

lotus leaf on water
2 September 2018


Healers have known about the link between the mind and a healthy gut for millennia, and now modern medical research is proving this all over again. Let ‘Dr Gut’ teach you how to reset your micro-biome by thinking and feeling more positively.

Unhealthy thoughts can be as toxic as any junk food, and just like poor eating habits, they’re something you can address. The analogy of eating is particularly apt as negative thoughts will very often manifest themselves in the gut, in the form of inflammation and poor digestion.

Our guts hold the key to our overall health, and we can boost this – and our immune system – by thinking more positively. By transforming our emotions, we can establish new connections and grow in mindfulness. We can discover and practice the art of simply being.

Our stressed modern lifestyles can lead to disease when we get stuck in negative, self-sabotaging thought patterns. Combined with eating the wrong foods (including in the wrong amounts and combinations, and/or at the wrong times), this can trap us in a vicious circle.

By attending this workshop, you’ll discover that mindfulness and healthy foods are an equally powerful force – but for good. With food as your medicine, and positive thoughts as your default mode, you’ll find that better health is within reach. Digest, sleep and relax more fully than ever before – there is no greater gift you can give yourself, than a healthy gut.

"Anxiety is not all in your head; it’s actually in your gut"

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