Jane's delicious garden talk

herbs in garden
21 October 2018


Jane’s Delicious Garden is filled with flavoursome, aromatic and health-giving herbs, and Jane will be revealing their secrets during this inspiring talk on enjoying the many benefits of growing your own.

Jane Griffiths lives and breathes herbs, and is always ready to share her love of them with everyone she meets. This love was behind the founding of her Jane’s Delicious Garden brand of healthy herbal products, and her curiosity about the healing power of plants means that she never stops experimenting.

Which brings us to the latest additions to her range, all of which you can experience by attending this unique brunch in the Leafy Greens gardens. Jane will give an informative talk on growing and using herbs (both of which are surprisingly easy to do – herbs are forgiving while they’re growing, and go on giving long after they’ve been harvested.

Herbs are in many ways the foundation of modern medicine, and Jane goes straight to the source, growing and blending the perfect combinations to boost health. Whatever ails you, there is almost certainly a herb that can help.

But herbs aren’t just there for the difficult times in life; they can also add their special magic to your kitchen, enhancing and drawing out the flavours of many other ingredients.

Explore the wonderful world of herbs with Jane, and learn how creating your own herb garden can be another important step towards eating well and doing right by yourself.

"Herbs deserve to be used much more liberally"

To book, please email events@leafygreens.co.za.Includes a buffet lunch and fresh garden juice.