Pop-up Leafy Greens Cafe at Nirox

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
21 -22 October 2017


Words are important in our kitchen – they help us share ideas and recipes, and describe the amazing flavours we’re creating. So, we’re naturally delighted to have the opportunity to create a pop-up Leafy Greens Café at the inaugural NIROX words festival.

Taking place in the NIROX Sculpture Park at the Cradle of Humankind on the weekend of 21 & 22 October, NIROX words is a festival dedicated to the power and promise of words in every incarnation, written, spoken and sung – informing, questioning, entertaining and enlightening – imagining and inspiring a better world.

Featuring conversations, poetry, lyrics and much more, the theme will be ‘why the world…’ with participants invited to complete this question – and perhaps provide some answers? Why the world needs to eat well and do good, for example.

Helping to provide some answers to that particular question, the Leafy Greens pop-up café hosted by Antonia de Luca will be serving a delicious plant-based buffet on the Saturday, and a three-course plated lunch on the Sunday.

Sunday’s lunch will be accompanied by a talk from our friend Jane Griffiths, who’s a passionate advocate of growing your own organic herbs and vegetables home to help save your health, the planet and your budget.

Her talk will be another great example of the power of words – Jane is an inspiring speaker with a powerful message that’s bound to change how you see your own garden. For a weekend of though-provoking discussions and ideas, stories, music, performance, sculpture, books and – thanks to the pop-up Leafy Greens Café - excellent plant-based food, be sure to book your tickets for NIROX words.

We look forward to seeing you there, and hopefully sharing a few words!

"Food is a great way of communicating" – Jan Karon "

Families welcome. Tickets and further information available at www.niroxwords.com. Day passes from R320 per person. Weekend pass from R480 per person. Separate pre-booking for pop-up restaurants is essential. Prices and details at the same website.