Truly happy couples

truly happy couples workshop
23 February 2019


Save drama for the nights you go to the theatre, and learn how improved communication leads to being happier together as you deepen your understanding of each other, and of yourself. Don’t just survive in your relationship; thrive in it.

The best relationships happen when two people focus on what they can give, rather than what they can receive or take. Jacques Moolman and Louise Pitot have walked the walk – and, crucially, talked the talk - and now they’re ready to share what they’ve learned about being a truly happy couple.

Jacques and Louise met at a singles night that both of them nearly didn’t go to, and the instant connection they found grew from that day forwards. Just three years later, they were married at Leafy Greens, and now they’re returning to lead a workshop that’s all about helping other couples find the happiness that they enjoy.

Beyond our basic needs, people just want to be heard, appreciated and understood, and relationships are the perfect space within which to find this.

Jacques and Louise will present a dynamic and interactive workshop to illustrate how relationships need to evolve over time – not least because of the changes that both men and women undergo in the middle of their lives. This period is often referred to as a “crisis”, but it’s much healthier to see it as an opportunity for enhanced growth and happiness.

Learn about the drama triangle and how to maintain a drama-free relationship and how winning an argument can mean that you both lose. Before you leave, you’ll be given a “toolkit” of tactics you can use to deepen your rapport with your partner.

"A happy marriage is a union of two good forgivers"

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – Book your seat now. Includes Leafy Greens Café green juice, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks.