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24 February 2019


Does your birth control give you headaches, weight gain, mood swings, decreased libido and vaginal discharge?

Do you want more sex and a better marriage, the tools to listen to your body, a period that is never late, an awareness for both you and your partner of what stresses you out and the freedom to become pregnant easily when you are ready to?

Claudia teaches women how to chart their menstrual cycles using the highly effective Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness – a 99.6% effective method to prevent pregnancy.

So why use this method? What can this method of birth control give you that hormonal contraception and condoms do not?
- More sex and a better marriage
- A period that is never late
- The freedom to become pregnant easily when you are ready to
- It’s easy to learn
- It’s a reliable method of birth control
- It has no harmful effects on health
- It’s less expensive than most other forms of birth control
- It supports reproductive freedom
- It encourages women to have a healthy relationship with their bodies
- It supports personal development, builds self-esteem and empowerment in the areas of sexual health and intimate relations

"Revive your libido and become more in tune with your body"

Ticket price includes a freshly squeezed juice on arrival and a delicious, nutritious Leafy Greens lunch during the day. Please email to book your place.

Please note that your partner can join you at no additional charge. There will however be a surcharge of R190 for the green juice and lunch at Leafy Greens Cafe.