Move Jozi Conscious Dance Festival

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
25 November 2017

Move it, feel it, heal it, Love it!

Join Jozi’s leading conscious dance facilitators at the beautiful off-the-grid Windrush venue in Fourways for a day – and night – of life-changing, life-affirming dance.

It’s the first ever gathering of Jozi’s conscious dance community, and your chance to experience modalities from expressive movement and BIODANZA to SUCO and Nia. MOVE JOZI is a wonderfully balanced mix of fun, play, vitality, creativity, bliss, soul connection and transcendence. Connect with the earth, with yourself, and the continuous cosmic movement of the universe.

It’s natural and healthy to want to move, and conscious dance taps into this energy as well as allowing you to express yourself and attune your own movement to the energy flowing all around you.

The day of facilitated dance will segue into a free-flow evening with DJs, and in the same way, the food on offer will also change as the sun goes down. Leafy Greens is excited to be doing the catering for MOVE JOZI, and you’ll be able to buy our delicious, organic smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.

Our lunchtime plant-based buffet will transform into a dinner buffet, ensuring that you can get all the positive energy you need to keep on dancing.

You’ll also be able to experience Kahuna massages, an Acro yoga demo and a Breath of Life facilitated breathwork session by Aumji Kistan. Learn how to make raw chocolate, and try Free Flow.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" – Friedrich Nietzsche "

Free Flow is a beautiful blend of chi kung and dance, form and freedom, structure and flow – with chi kung being the ancient art of movement, breath and energy.