Cabba from our garden
26-29 July 2018


By interweaving yoga, meditation, scripting and nature immersion with wholefood nutrition, Explore Dream Discover Health helps you align your mind, body and soul, and live more joyfully as you grow and heal.

Join Nix and Rols for a Retreat that could change how you see yourself – and everything else. These Retreats are not about escaping from the world, but rather gaining the confidence to engage with it in a whole new way – a way that is more authentic to your true self.

Choose from the Yoga and Rewilding Retreat in Grotto Bay at the end of July, or alternatively the Knysna Forest Adventure Retreat at the end of September.

Why be ashamed about who you are, or apologetic? You have unique gifts, and after experiencing the adventure of an Escape Dream Discover Retreat, you’ll be better able to share them with others.

The aim of these Retreats is for you to return home with a renewed sense of purpose, and more determined than ever to life your true life. You’ll discover the contrasting but complementary powers of presence and detachment, and learn the art of acceptance.

Enjoy daily yoga classes, sisterhood empowerment and visualising and creating your dream life. Guided meditation, nature walks and hikes, and delicious, nutritious vegan meals are all included. Why survive, when you can thrive?

Antonia’s subscribers can save 20% on the cost of these Retreats - simply email us at the address below, quoting the discount code “AntoniasWay”. Further discounts are available if you bring a friend.

You’ll also receive a wonderful goodie bag worth over R1 500, including plant-based snacks sponsored by Antonia’s. Book soon – spaces are limited!

"Within you is a stillness, a sanctuary to which you can retreat and be yourself"

For more info, bookings, winter special discounts, trip planning and financial assistance, please visit www.wildcore.co.za or www.wildcore.co.za/adventure-retreats or contact us via: Email: explore.dream.discover.sa@gmail.com, WhatsApp: 082 770 6815,Facebook: Explore Dream Discover Health,Instagram:@explore.dream.discover_health YouTube: Explore.Dream.Discover! with Nix & Rols.