children picking in the garden
28 February 2019


Join Antonia and Megan as you share the wonders of living food with your children. Inspire them with the beauty and bounty of Nature, then share the happy experience of baking together and creating food that’s infused with love, enthusiasm and laughter.

Exploring a garden with your children will release your own dormant sense of wonder – seeing the miracle of growing plants through their eyes, and watching as they make the connection between the soil, sun, rain and the food they eat, is truly inspiring.

This is an opportunity to spend some real quality time with your own little shoots as they discover the magic of gardening and get to choose their own veggies. Children see the world differently – they view it without judgement, and their innocence makes them wonderful gardeners.

By picking their own veggies, they’ll be learning without realising they are – the best sort of lessons are the ones that are absorbed, rather than simply repeated. Let their taste buds guide them to new discoveries, and share in their joy.

The second part of the morning will focus on baking, with Megan and Antonia demonstrating the simple alchemy that happens when different ingredients are combined to create something new and wonderful.

As with all the best experiences, your kids will get to take home incredible memories – and just maybe we’ll be able to plant the seeds of future gardeners, chefs and wellness coaches.

"To a child, every thought is a garden full of wonder"

R120 per child | R80 per sibling
Please email to book and pay for your spot.