Pilates in the garden
3 November 2018


Moving always feels good, and when we do it mindfully, we can be conscious of how miraculous our bodies are – and why we should take better care of them. Moving in Nature, and in tune with our surroundings, is best of all.

Shakera has designed this class to be suitable for people at all levels of fitness, so even if you are new to Pilates, you can enjoy the experience of mindful moving in a serene, supportive environment, surrounded by kindred spirits intent on feeling the beauty of movement.

Pilates is all about improving strength and flexibility through controlled movements, and focuses on the core of the body, and breathing. The mind plays an important part – by making each movement mindfully, the positive effects are enhanced, and the feeling of overall wellbeing is increased.

Getting away from the distractions of modern life by stepping into the Leafy Greens gardens – far removed from malls, inboxes and alarms – is the ideal first move to make when you want to experience truly conscious Pilates.

Shakera is the ideal guide for this journey – feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, concentrate on the rhythms of your body, and most of all, feel the joy of movement.

After the class, join your fellow students for a revitalising and energising 100% vegetarian buffet lunch at Leafy Greens Café – the perfect conscious nutrition to complement a morning of al fresco movement.

"Change happens through movement, and movement heals"

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – Please email events@leafygreens.co.za to book and pay for your place. Includes a plant-based buffet lunch at Leafy Greens Café after the class.