Natural Athlete Seminar

two hands holding a loaf of round bread
4 August 2018


There are few things more natural than moving your body. However, many athletes become frustrated at how unnatural most of the available performance supplements are. Superfoods provide a sustainable, healthy alternative for personal best results without the chemicals!

Werner Daniel doesn’t just walk the walk; he runs the run! As an elite trail runner, he has experienced both the joys and the challenges of pushing his body to the limit, including learning just what fuel and nutrients he needs to perform at his best. The good news is that this needn’t mean strange-tasting “scientific” bars and gels. Instead, you can refuel on superfoods that won’t just help you last longer in endurance events, but can help you live longer, too.

Join Werner for this inspiring event and learn how superfoods exist in a space where ancient wisdom meets modern science. Get the information on how specific superfoods can boost your mental and physical performance and assist with sustainable energy and rapid recovery through alkalinity.

When you need to dig deeper into your physical strength and strength of character, the deep nourishment that superfoods provide will help you get there. Werner will be revealing his own natural race fuel tips, superfood secret weapons and best superfood recipes for athletes.

If you want to be the best you can be, this talk is unmissable!

"Athletes eat and train; they don’t diet and exercise"

Includes a light meal and a superfoods experience. Visit learn more.