Middle Eastern Cooking Class

Barbara Leiman with smoothie
4 March 2018


From Egypt to Iran, the countries of the Middle East have always been a source of ancient mysteries and modern intrigues. Let Antonia teach you the secrets to making exotic, fragrant and healthy dishes from this fascinating region.

Middle Eastern food is undergoing something of a renaissance, with renewed interest in traditional dishes that are delicious, healthy and simple to prepare. From the shores of the Mediterranean all the way to Iran, this is a region that is drenched in sunshine, and where food often has a symbolic value.

Many dishes are designed to be shared by friends and family – they either consist of finger food, or of larger portions that can easily be divided. This is a great reminder that food is about much more than merely fueling our body: by eating with people, we can enjoy a more conscious nutritional experience.

Take a walk along the Spice Route – the ancient trading pathway followed by merchants from India and beyond – with Antonia and discover how to use ingredients such as Saffron, Mint, Pomegranates, Walnuts, Parsley, Dates, Cardamom, Roses, Oranges and Pistachios.

By attending our Middle Eastern Cookery Class, you’ll learn how to make these classic dishes – all of them perfect for lunch on a hot summer’s day:

  • Walnut & Pomegranate Dip - Iran
  • Hummus & Tahini: served with Laffa bread - Jordan
  • Tabbouleh: parsley salad - Lebanon
  • Khodara Mash: stuffed vegetables - Syria
  • Kibbeh: spinach & cheese balls - Lebanon
  • Zaffran Couscous: saffron pasta - Arabia
  • Karkadee: hibiscus juice - Egypt
  • Bulbul Yuvasi: pistachio pastries – Turkey

"Food and memories are both best when shared."

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