Cope with Stress

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When you are ready

Regain Control and Bust your stress!

If you feel like your life is getting a little out of control, then join hosts Jo Ntsebeza and Zanele Nkosi for a free, live webinar on stress management.

Between now and September, Jo and Zanele will be running free weekly webinars on stress management. There’ll be a different focus each week, so don’t forget to check back regularly for updates. These live talks will concentrate on topics such as sleep, diet and positive mental outlook – all of which can help you beat the stress trap.

The first webinar will teach you the two principles of personal power – and how to apply them. You’ll understand what your personal stress or pain edge looks like, and why you might be feeling that you’re losing control.

We all have times when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or hurt, and this can impact our physical as well as our mental and spiritual health when we give in to our stress cravings.

Let Jo and Zanele give you practical tips on regaining control and handling your challenges – without losing your mind. learn more.

"Learn how to handle your challenges – without losing your mind."

If you like what you hear, you might also want to sign up to the free Kalavati Café Happiness course, and prepare yourself for the next Freshstart Bootcamp, beginning in September.