Reboot your lifestyle

girl meditating on beach in bubble
When you are ready


Are you brave enough to ignite a lifestyle change? The 21-Day Energy Booster programme from Kalavati Café will refresh your mind and spirit as you take just three weeks to change your life for good.

Unlike many so-called energising programmes, we won’t ask you to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle. Just tiny, empowering steps that will help you feel energised, focused and alive.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to 21 days of healthy habits? Are you ready to meet the new you?

Think of how you’ll feel when you take up the challenge to become more active, and focus on your breathing. Imagine how much lighter you’ll seem when you embark on a gentle detox, and take the complaints-free challenge.

"Energy and persistence conquer all things"

No matter what your age or your state of health or fitness, this course will revive your appetite for life, and help you feel more alive.