Giving Back

Our way of saying thank you

The success of Leafy Greens has only been possible thanks to many different people giving us advice, help and support. And that includes you! To say thank you, we’ll be having a one-day 20% sale on January 31.

At Leafy Greens, we’re always conscious that we’re extremely fortunate to be surrounded by beauty, and to be doing work that we love. We’ve walked a long road together, and we try never to miss an opportunity to thank the people who’ve guided us and – at the very beginning – carried us.

To thank all our friends and customers for their wonderful support – especially throughout the holiday season – we’ve added an extra one-day sale to our 2018 calendar. Visit Leafy Greens on Wednesday, 31 January to take advantage of 20% off the cost of all meals in the Leafy Greens Café,

and all purchases from the Leafy Greens shop(excluding equipment).
We do hope you’ll make the most of this chance to enjoy healthy living at even more affordable prices – especially as it will give us a chance to meet you again and thank you in person for your support.

A different kind of bucket list...

Gauteng has received more early summer rain this year than last, and you only have to stroll around the Leafy Greens vegetable garden to see how our plants have responded.

However, not everyone in South Africa has been so fortunate. Friends and family and indeed everyone living in Cape Town is now having to face up to the possibility of “Day Zero” – the day when their taps are predicted to run dry.

Currently, everyone in Cape Town is restricted to just 50 litres of water per person per day. Believe us, that really isn’t a lot, and Capetonians are coming up with more and more ingenious ways to save and reduce water.

We may not be able to help directly, but we can certainly empathise with Cape Town’s plight by being even more mindful of how we use water. Let’s all make a real effort to save where we can.

Women recycling

Great ways to reduce our water consumption include ease using grey water from washing or showering to wash cars and water gardens, turning the taps off when cleaning our teeth, and only flushing toilets when it’s really necessary. If you are a gardener, turn off those sprinklers and use a watering can instead. Showering uses less water than bathing and if you have a dishwasher, they tend to use less water than washing by hand. Most of all, report any leaks you see – and keep reporting them until they get fixed. If we all do our bit, we can express “liquidarity” with Cape Town in their time of need.


The Leafy Greens shop now stocks GENEROSITY Water, a new South African bottled water that’s not only good for you, but can help improve lives in impoverished communities.

GENEROSITY Water is a premium alkaline water, with a perfectly balanced pH of 10. The health benefits of drinking alkaline water include prevention of acid reflux, and reduce bloodstream acidity, which results in increased energy levels and improved metabolism.

GENEROSITY Water is also generous to people – part of the proceeds from each bottle sold will be used to provide clean water to two people for a month. Even the bottles are 100% BPA-free and completely recyclable.

GENEROSITY Water. Drink. Give. Live Generously.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect ...

One of our favourite quotes comes from John Sawhill: “A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy”. We have a unique opportunity to pass a healthy, living planet on to our children – or we can carry on consuming and wasting the Earth’s resources at terrifying speed.

Recycling is part of the solution, which is why we’re more than happy to receive any glass and plastic for recycling at the Leafy Greens Stall at Bryanston Organic Market. Pop in for a plant-based snack or meal, drop off your recyclables, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll find Bryanston Organic Market at 40 Culross Road, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 09h00 to 15h00. It’s a delicious destination that should definitely be in your dining diary!

Recycling is totally in keeping with our approach to life at Leafy Greens. We love to nurture the Earth, and be nourished in turn by the revitalising organic produce it gives us. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible on an exhausted, depleted planet, so we all need to look at what and how we consume.

In the same way that everything we eat affects our wellness, everything we take from or introduce into the environment has an impact on the health of the planet. It’s the only we’ve got, so we really should take better care of it.



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