Giving Back


Your unwanted clothes or shoes could make a big difference to children in some of Gauteng’s poorest settlements. Thanks to the Blair Atholl Pre-Primary School, they can receive a basic education – but you can help keep them warm and safe this winter.

The Blair Atholl Pre-Primary School is a shining light of hope for young children in the Lanseria area, providing not just early child development education, but also two vital meals a day for the 125 children that attend it. Educational opportunities are few and far between for children from these impoverished communities, and the school has always been close to our hearts (it was founded by Antonia’s grandparents). We’re always looking for new ways to help, and with winter upon us, it’s clear that not all of the Blair Atholl kids have good enough shoes and clothes to keep them warm.

It’s sometimes hard enough to concentrate at school for kids who are warm and well-fed – when you’re neither, it can be almost impossible. Until the end of July, we’ll be running a drop-off service at Leafy Greens for any donations for the kids of the Blair Atholl Pre-Primary.

If you’re able to give shoes, clothes, blankets, toys or non-perishable food items, we can make sure they get to the children and families who most need them – and you can be certain that they’ll be gratefully received.


That’s right – we’re bending over backwards to eliminate plastic from Leafy Greens, and we’ll be head over heels with joy when we achieve our goal. So, if you see us turning somersaults, you’ll know that we’ve found another biodegradable packaging option.

Reducing plastic use is the obvious next step. Instead, we want to use containers that are not only healthier for humans, but that can be recycled or composted easily. Rather than contribute to pollution, we want to be a part of the plastics solution. That means you may notice a few changes.

Women recycling

Our priority is banning single-use plastics from Leafy Greens. You’ll see us using more cardboard, bamboo and paper (all from sustainable sources) as well as glass and novel kinds of packaging that break down easily and harmlessly. Our planet provides us with so much goodness - it’s about time we showed our gratitude.


The colder weather means that staying warm becomes more of a priority, which is not so difficult if you’re indoors - but spare a thought for people who work or even live outdoors. Winter is an especially tough time for the homeless people in our communities, and it can also be a challenge for security guards, car park attendants, gardeners and other people whose jobs involve lots of time in the cold.

At this time of year, small gestures of kindness and generosity can really go a long way. The next time you make soup (and there’s no better way to enjoy veggies from your organic vegetable plot), make extra and share it with someone you know would appreciate the warmth of your act of giving – and of the soup itself. Ladle a portion into a flask or travel mug and you’re ready to make someone’s day a little less chilly.

Even better, take your own portion along too, and share a heartwarming moment of connection with someone you might never have had a real conversation with. You’ll find a wonderful recipe for Creamy Broccoli Soup on my Antonia’s Way website – the perfect way to share the love this winter.

creamy broccoli soup


Rehydrate to feel great

If you haven’t yet tried GENEROSITY Water, it’s clear that you’ve been missing out. This wonderful South African bottled water ticks all our boxes: as well as being a source of healthy natural hydration, drinking it can also have a positive ripple effect.

GENEROSITY Water is a premium alkaline water, with a perfectly balanced pH of 10 – which means that it can help to restore your body’s equilibrium by counteracting toxic acidity and preventing cell damage. Reduced acidity can also improve your metabolism and boost your energy levels.

Part of the proceeds from each bottle of GENEROSITY water that we sell will be used to help provide clean water to two people in an underprivileged community for a month. Best of all, the bottles are 100% BPA-free and easy to recycle.

Choose GENEROSITY Water to drink generously and give generously



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