Recipe Book


We’re excited to announce that Antonia’s new book, Antonia’s Way, will be going to print any day now. It’s packed with information on eating well and doing good to help you feel younger and more energised.



As the name suggests, this is a very personal book – it’s the story of how Antonia undertook her own journey to health and wellness, with the occasional misstep along the way. It’s also the story of Leafy Greens Café, and contains a fascinating wealth of information on what our bodies need, with practical advice and recipes to help you on your own journey.

We’re rolling back the years by offering Antonia’s Way at the early bird special price of just R260 – the same price as the Leafy Greens Cookbook when it was published back in 2013! This offer is only valid until November 30th, so don’t delay – order Antonia’s Way today!

Complete the order form below and we’ll drop you a mail when you can come and collect your copy from Leafy Greens. And when you arrive, we’ll give you a special thank you gift in the form of a lucky green ticket inside your signed copy, which you can redeem for a 500ml Leafy Green Smoothie worth R55.

Yes please, I’d love to reserve my early bird copy / copies of Antonia’s Way and be one of the first people to read Antonia’s story in her own words, and get all the health information and recipes I need to eat well and do good!