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Antonia’s new book, Antonia’s Way, is proving to be just as popular as the food at Leafy Greens Café. To avoid disappointment, complete the form below to reserve your copy, or order from the Leafy Greens online shop.



Antonia’s new book, Antonia’s Way, was several years in the making – and will provide you with years of inspiration, information and ideas. Order your copy/copies today and get ready to begin your own wellness journey in the New Year – if you can wait that long! You may find that you’re impatient to start even sooner.

Antonia’s Way is now on sale at the Leafy Greens Shop, or you can order a copy online by clicking here. Complete the form below and we’ll reserve your copy – you can pick it up next time you come to Leafy Greens for breakfast or lunch.

Antonia’s Way is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition, from seed to salad, and how what we eat and how we move, affects how we feel. You’re bound to feel more positive and energetic every time you you’re your copy, so enjoy!

Yes please, I’d love to reserve my copy / copies of Antonia’s Way and embark on my own journey to health, inspired by reading Antonia's story in her own words.